Headphone Stand

Got an expensive headphone? Where do you keep it?

I decided to just toss it on my desk is not a good solution, clamping it onto my monitor neither (have to clean that edge all the time). So I designed a headphone stand to keep them. This has another good effect: I place them on there all the time and won't have to remember where I put them all the time.

I designed the stand in Onshape (See this link for the model), roughly eyeballing the sizes and it fit perfectly :)

CAD Model

The design is split into two parts with a splitting plane to make it fit onto a standard 180x180 mm 3D printer surface.

Printing took about 16 hours with my default printer settings and 0.2mm layer height. I used a rather low infill setting of about 15%.

After designing it in OnShape i printed it in snow white PLA, glued the two parts together with AC glue and sanded down the printing lines. Sanding and smoothing out the printing artifacts was probably the most manual work to do with this one.

Ready, front view

The right foot warped a bit while printing so after smoothing everything i heated it up with hot water to bend it down again.

Side view

After finishing the stand my girlfriend said that it reminds her of a thing from Star Trek.

With headphone