Dunkelstern Projects

This will be a repository of finished projects and those that are in progress. As I want you to have something of substance to see you will not find anything that is in planning phase and where I did not begin the realization yet.

Finished projects

These are finished, probably without all the bells and whistles I dreamed up while planning but I consider them done for now:

  • Headphone Stand
  • Tool rack
  • Wire rack
  • DT770 Bluetooth receiver
  • Bedroom lamp
  • Livingroom lamp

Ongoing projects

These projects are in no way finished yet, but I never the less want to show what I already got:

  • Klein glotzi (Head-Tracking webcam with servos)
  • Lab power supply
  • Screen recording with gstreamer (paused for now)

Never-ending projects

Oh my, these are the boxes of pandora, the can of worms that should probably have never been opened. Hey but what will life be without dreams. These projects are to be considered in ethernal flux and will probably never be finished but usefull none the less.

  • Home Automation Project: Autom
  • ESP8266 Libraries
  • ESP32 Libraries
  • Rust on ESP